Green Technology


Geothermal heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and heat-recovery systems, as well as energy-efficient lighting, electrical, plumbing and window systems, minimize the center's operating and maintenance costs and create an inviting, comfortable environment for both employees and visitors.

Additonal environmentally friendly features include:

  • Steel construction that minimized use of hardwood products

  • Formaldehyde-free insulation
  • Tobacco-Free Campus

  • High performance, tinted glass windows provide natural light

  • No/Low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) sealants, adhesives and paints used on walls, carpeting, flooring and other materials
  • A closed-loop energy recovery ventilation system provides a controlled way of ventilating  while minimizing energy loss. Air is passed through a thermal wheel to reduce the cost of heating ventilated air in the winter by transferring heat from the warm inside air being exhausted to the fresh (but cold) supply air. In the summer, the inside air cools the warmer incoming supply air to reduce ventilation cooling costs

  • Photo-integrated light sensors turn lights on and off when people enter or leave the room
  • Each suite has its own heating, cooling and lighting controls