Community Partners Center for Health & Human Services



As Pennsylvania's first nonprofit center, the Community Partners Center for Health & Human Services (The Center) offers professional office and meeting space to nonprofit organizations serving the Greater North Penn community.  The facility is designed to encourage collaboration  to support the efforts of local nonprofits in providing the highest caliber programs and services.

The Center was constructed using "green building" standards.  Geothermal HVAC and heat-recovery systems, energy-efficent lighting, electrical, plumbing, roofing, and window systems keep operational and maintenance costs affordable.

Seven nonprofit tenants currently occupy the 24,000 square foot building governed by a five member Board of Managers, three of whom are tenants.  Since the building opened in 2008, nearly 600 meetings have been convened by 42 organizations, with over 9,000 attendees.  Attracted by the building's accessibility, free parking  and amenities, tenants and other nonprofits frequently hold meetings and events at the Center.